Join our Webinar Fri 15 May 14h00 UK  – COVID-19 and the aviation sector: the short and long game

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This webinar will explore the way in which Coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted aviation and, critically, will provide a longer-term perspective for the sector.

Paul Zalkin, partner at advisory firm Quantuma, will interview the AMG leadership  team exploring four key themes:

Liquidity in the sector: what does it look like now and in the future; what cash reserves are there and what impact is state aid likely to have?

Systemic change for the industry: what will be impacted and how? What transformations will take place and what will the network, fleet and capacity look like?

Consumer demand and the customer journey: what governmental regulations will be put in place and how will this impact the customer journey? Will the customer feel safe to travel? Will customer demand determine whether it is V, U or L shaped as we move forward?

Aviation industry supply chain: what is the impact on airports, OEMs, airline suppliers, the travel industry eco-system as a whole?

This will make for an insightful session for businesses operating in the sector, its supply chain and for those advising clients in these markets.

We look forward to welcoming you to the webinar.

The speakers from the Airline Management Group are as follows:

• Professor Rigas Doganis, Chairman
• Chris Tarry, Aviation Industry Research and Advisory
• Peter Davies, Chief Executive Officer
• Ben Leon, Chief Commercial Officer
• Augusto Viansson Ponte, Director of Strategy and Planning

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