Support for start-ups from AMG Ventures

As the travel industry faces the enormous challenge of rebuilding after Covid-19, we believe innovative change is essential.

Start-ups can bring a unique agile and creative approach to enable positive change with our industry with far-reaching implications.

AMG Ventures lights the way for innovative products and solutions that offer airlines and travel industry players with new opportunities to create a more sustainable future, enhance the customer experience, generate additional revenue, reduce cost and create a step change for the good.

AMG Ventures is delighted to be the London Hub for the World Travel Tech Forum, connecting ideas innovation and insight across continents!

Disruptive thinking to transform the industry

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Enhance Customer Experience

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Generate Additional Revenue

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Improve Cost Efficiency

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Pioneer positive change

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Drive new demand

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Create a sustainable future

How we Inspire, Transform and Innovate

AMG Ventures’ focus is based upon a practical understanding of what is important to the travelling customer and commercially optimising the processes that support the structure to provide safe multi-modal travel.
New technology can offer travellers a greater degree of choice and control to enhance and personalise their travel experience, from the moment they leave home until the moment they return.
AMG Ventures encourages system inspiration creating efficiency and service, to remove the friction points and deliver automated solutions in a proactive customer centric manner.

Learn about our support for start-ups

AMG Ventures, together with its tech partner Mohara, provide start-ups with technical and programmatic know how akin to an accelerator programme.
We select high opportunity start-ups to meet the key business needs of the airline and travel industry.
For each start-up we provide support and guidance from experts across the industry.
We offer advisory board and mentoring support focused on business, financial, tech, operational, customer and commercial strategic support.
We accelerate both funding success and client acquisition.


Travel Ledger. B2B Settlement for the Global Travel Industry

Travel Ledger’s mission is to transform B2B settlements and data exchange in the global travel industry. It launched an innovative platform with a cutting-edge banking solution supporting multiple currencies and embedded finance functions. Travel Ledger simplifies complex settlement processes, cutting costs and mitigating risks for travel companies. All parties gain unparalleled visibility on payments and cashflow, transcending geographical boundaries and enhancing global business operations. Travel Ledger is poised to expand into Europe and beyond.


Ecojet. Zero Carbon Air Travel.

Ecojet, the world’s first Electric Airline, powered by renewable energy. The move marks the beginning of an aviation revolution by making zero carbon, emission-free air travel possible for the first time. Ecojet’s fleet will comprise conventional planes retrofitted with hydrogen-electric powertrains. Once converted, the aircraft will operate with the same power output as before, but with a one-hundred percent reduction in CO2 and other emissions. Flying doesn’t have to cost the earth. With Ecojet you can get there without worrying about your carbon footprint.


Koala. Innovating in travel insure-tech.

Koala builds fair and simple travel insurance products and services for the travel industry. At Koala, we reinvent travel insurance with tech enabled, data-driven products, with the customer at the heart of our solution. With a B2B2C model, we tailor make our products to each business partner’s needs – be they airline, travel agent or transport provider. We seamlessly plug into booking systems, track journeys, pro-actively alert during disruptions & pay-out instantly – no forms, no exclusions, no hassle! Koala – travel insurance as it should be

START-UP VENTURE Seamless multimodal door-to-door travel. provides seamless multimodal door-to-door travel worldwide. is an innovative B2B2C traveltech platform offering bus, train, sea, and chauffeur drive transport providers a solution to make their inventory  bookable as e-tickets and interline e-tickets with airlines in the Global Distribution Systems. hosts travel providers’ inventory as a PSS provider, with full IATA code, IBE, GDS, distribution, and airline interline capabilities.


Optifly. Outfly the Competition.

Optifly’s mission is to create quick, robust, highly optimized flight schedules for partner airlines, unlocking efficiencies, increasing revenues and allowing them to consistently outfly the competition. Optifly is a cutting-edge tailored AI schedule optimization tool that works as an extension to airlines’ existing network scheduling software. It’s cloud-hosted, web-based and requires minimal integration. Optifly increases aircraft asset utilization – consistently seeing a 5-8% increase in sectors across LCC partners.

We are airline people, our focus is airline management.

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