AMG Ventures is delighted to join the World TravelTech Forum (WTTF) as the London hub partner. The World TravelTech Forum is a joint project of innovation hubs across different countries, joining together to highlight and promote the importance of technology in the global travel sector.

The latest WTTF event took place on Thursday 22nd April 2021. The focus was on Funding TravelTech Startups: Challenges and opportunities ahead. Click here to view the event 

What is the state of investment in the traveltech sector? Along with the traveltech hubs from Barcelona, Cumbuco, Jerusalem, Johannesburg, London, Paris, and Scotland, Startup Lisboa hosted a panel that discussed the challenges and opportunities for traveltech startups on funding and how to restore investors’ confidence to invest during and after a pandemic.

The speakers Miguel Barbosa from Portugal VenturesIsabel Neves from FNABA/Star Busy, and Miguel Martin from World Business Angels Investment Forum all emphasized the importance of being prepared for the future, and they each shared their willingness to give support for startups even in these times of the Covid pandemic. They shared insights and key points to consider regarding industry trends where opportunities lie for new developments – particularly in the areas of combining health with traveltech, contactless travel, and startups that are able to bring online what is still offline.

We also heard from 5 start-ups including Joao Rodrigues from Cyango – Storytelling Virtual ToursIan M. from pour, Alex Ridaura from Hub OSBen Leon representing Koala Insurance, and Raphael Gabbay from Majordomo – Real time inventory all of whom showed the best of what travel tech startups are creating and innovating in at the moment