AMG launches the Fighter Pilot and the CEO podcast series

Our mission is to inspire leaders and managers to be simply extraordinary, no matter what stage of their career they are at.

By supporting your personal growth through a novel approach to thinking about leadership, we hope to build intelligent leaders and effective managers that organisations are desperately calling out for.

Being great
The one thing great leaders and managers do have in common is that they have the humility to look themselves in the mirror and be honest. They ask: am I doing enough? Am I making the best possible impact on my people? Am I taking responsibility? Great leaders understand that they can always learn something new and always do something better.

Listen in!
In this podcast series, we explore the juxtaposition of two very different backgrounds – a fighter pilot and a CEO – to understand the spectrum of leadership, diving deep into how to handle the trickiest and most important challenge on your radar: people.

So, we invite you to strap in and take flight with us on this novel leadership journey.