AMG launches Lodestar Dynamics©

We’ve condensed our decades of experience in airline turnarounds and start ups around the world to create a new diagnostic model!

With Lodestar Dynamics© we take the pulse of an airline, assessing both the objective numbers together with the softer issues of management that are critical to successful change, and often ignored.

Lodestar Dynamics© is a tool based on the principles of flight. It will help shine a light on the hard reality of your airline’s situation, whilst pointing to the steps needed to lead and implement change.

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“I keep six honest serving-men (they taught me all I knew); their names are What and Why and When and How and Where and Who.” – Rudyard Kipling

Airline Management Group Ltd (AMG) was created to fulfil the balance between writing reports and recommendations, and ensuring implementation successfully takes place. Whilst planning to plan exercises great minds, the question is – can the final plan be actually implemented? And by whom?

AMG is represented by a team of senior airline executives who have hands-on responsibility at C-level in developing and implementing airline and aviation turnaround, performance improvement and start-up projects around the world. We recognised the frustration caused by a lack of understanding and empathy between the hard business KPIs and the capability of evolving those into practical levers which could be implemented through the entire work force.

Whilst the vision for an airline is normally clear, it is always necessary to formulate business objectives following analysis – the transfer of that vision, supported by the data into clear objectives, is a standard approach. However, in our own direct experience, this approach rarely completes the circle. The softer issues of management are critical and often ignored. The ability to lead, inspire, cajole and persuade all stakeholders into reacting positively to a new plan, which always and inevitably requires change, becomes paramount. In other words, the capability of managing an implementation programme, be it a turnaround, performance improvement or a start-up, can only be successful if ALL the constituent elements are managed, rather than just relying on the translation of data into reports and spreadsheets.

At AMG we have created a diagnostic model that is based upon the principles of flight, where you need thrust to overcome drag and where lift can overcome weight. The analogy between this tenet and business is remarkably similar and forms the basis of our model. It provides a guiding path for successful implementation. Our approach is both mathematical and subjective. Mathematical in our objective analysis and subjective in understanding the nuances and the critical relevance of softer management skills, based upon our years of practical experience in successfully managing airlines.

Our diagnostic Lodestar Dynamics© tool provides greater insight into the holistic approach needed to manage change. It shines a light and provides both internal and external audiences with a meaningful interpretation of reality and the steps necessary to lead from the front and enact the required change.

But what makes this diagnostic tool different is the basic truth that not everything in business can be measured with a stick and quite often a balanced and subjective answer is required. It is what we call the psychology of management. Our skills, experience and model penetrate the critical yet often underrated areas of management performance.

It’s one thing to write a great play but it’s another to be interpreted. You need a cast that is able to deliver the words and create an ambience to the audience with conviction.

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