Ben Leon and Augusto Viansson-Ponte from Airline Management Group Ltd were delighted to be engaged at the Decarbonisation of Transport Summit #DoTSummit23 in London.

AMG spent the day focused on Zero Emission Flight Infrastructure exploring the future of airport infrastructure for hydrogen powered flight. The Zero Emission Flight Infrastructure (ZEFI) programme brings together government, industry, regulators and academia to identify the viable infrastructure and the key requirements of enabling systems to facilitate Zero Emission Flight (ZEF) implementation in UK airports.

The UK Government is investing heavily in the decarbonisation of transport. From hydrogen to electrification, all options are on the table and being explored.

Hydrogen is expected to form a critical part of the UK’s energy system over the coming decades. The global hydrogen economy is forecast to reach $700bn by 2050 and will require $11 Trillion of global infrastructure investment to deliver it. Development of a hydrogen economy offers parallel benefits of enabling Net Zero ambitions and stimulating economic growth. The UK Government has committed to at least 10GW of hydrogen production capacity by 2030, which is complimented by an additional 5GW production capacity by the Scottish Government. The cross sector day focused on critical enabling technologies to secure the UK’s future as a net zero, energy resilient nation.

It was a fantastic day of discussions connecting with stakeholders from across the industry, UK Government, and academia focused on unlocking bottlenecks and moving forward. Speakers from the transport sector shared findings from multiple programme of work, the costs associated with different energy sources, the innovation potential and investment opportunities.

Real concrete steps were shared to accelerate the decarbonisation of aviation #ZeroEmission Flight Infrastructure #ZEFI #decarbonisation of flight, with a focus on Hydrogen #h2

In the words of The Rt Hon Norman MP, Minister of State for Transport “The scale of the climate challenge reflects the scale of the opportunity…Rapid development of technologies must be maintained … This is the work of partnership”

Sincere thanks go to all panellists and speakers for their insights, and to Connected Places Catapult for hosting an excellent day.