AMG Attends Sustainable Skies World Summit 2023

It was a pleasure for AMG to spend the day focused on Net Zero Aviation at the Sustainable Skies World Summit (SSWS23 ) on 17th April in Farnborough, an event that provided a global platform to unite the aerospace community to discuss and implement strategies that will positively improve #sustainability within the industry.

SSWS23 was a historic event that focused on accelerating global progress towards more sustainable aviation and reaching Net Zero goals. The opening of SSWS23 was marked with a flypast from RAF Voyager “Vespina” powered by a SAF blend after it conducted an air-to-air refuelling sortie supplying SAF blend to other RAF aircraft over the North Sea.

There was a strong sense we’re close to an inflection point with the array of incredible tech being developed to achieve NetZero by 2050 – over 300 initiatives across SAF, H2, electric, efficiencies etc this past year alone – with a significant journey ahead that remains.

A clear message from IATA to Governments “the Carrot is more effective than the Stick”

The aviation industry is calling on the UK Government to work with it by:

Maximising short-term operational efficiencies by accelerating the UK airspace modernisation programme with completion by the end of the decade. This includes reviewing the governance and processes for the programme, looking at how these can be streamlined in order to speed up delivery, and considering whether a different funding model could bring the delivery date forward.

Delivering commercial UK Sustainable Aviation Fuel production at scale this decade, meeting the Government’s commitment to seeing five UK SAF plants under construction by 2025, by providing an industry-funded price stability mechanism alongside a SAF mandate, whilst prioritising access to UK sustainable feedstocks.

Investing in zero carbon emission flight technology by uplifting matched funding levels to the Aerospace Technology Institute programme through to 2031 – to drive efficiency improvements and the development of zero carbon emission technologies, alongside investing in UK hydrogen supply.

Addressing residual aviation carbon emissions by accelerating the rollout of carbon removals, including them in the UK ETS scheme and ensuring aviation’s fair share.

With thanks to Farnborough International for an excellent day connecting with colleagues focused on transforming the aviation industry for a sustainable future.

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