We would like to extend our congratulations to the Interbrand team on a fascinating and thought provoking report focusing in on the rising expectations of consumers and the strategic forces shaping the competitive landscape.

We are delighted that AMG‘s CEO Peter Davies FRAeS contributed to this insightful research – as the human factor is one of our core principles as AMG.

Could human-centric innovation unlock brand value in travel?

New research suggests that a post-COVID “survival mode” period has led parts of the travel industry to adopt a focus on business as usual. With a focus on efficiency and profit margin, many brands have standardized consumer’s experiences, embracing a mentality of risk mitigation rather than opportunity capture—leaving them ripe for disruption.

Interbrand’s conversations with global experts, thought leaders and consumers suggest that there is a clear opportunity for a post-pandemic reframe.

Explore this opportunity for human-centric innovation and discover the brands making expectation-defining moves within this Arena.

Today’s top brands in this space aren’t necessarily within the travel industry, but they all embody an optimistic new mindset: Explore.

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